The Snake Flute a.k.a ‘Pungi’: Meet the snake charmer’s wife

The snake flute, which is also known by the name ‘Pungi’ is one of the most oldest wind instruments that finds its trail back to the vintage Indian era. Extremely common and also an important part of Rajasthani folk tradition, the snake flute is known by different names such as Been, Pungi, Tumbi, Sapurer Bansi, Nagasar in the northern part, whereas in the southern areas it is known by names of Nagasvaram, Mahudi, Pungi and Pambatti Kuzhal. The Pungi today is an integral element that states luxury for many, while many still believe it as a collector’s item, considering how rarely do you find such niche!

“Structural elegance that only a professional can define...”

Whatever the name may be but the design remains the same throughout the region it prevails. Making the snake flute is not an amateur task as it requires cent percent accuracy to master the flawless design of the instrument.